Our Story


Welcome to the world of LeatherDaddy Skin Co. where our goal is to leave you smelling as sexy as you feel! LeatherDaddy Skin Co. was launched smack-dab in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic as an extension of Scrubtastix LLC., the parent company of TastyHole: Flavored Body Scrubs. Scrubtastix has one employee, CEO Chris Wright-Garcia and operates out of sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico! I develop and package everything myself at a facility in Albuquerque. When you make a purchase with LeatherDaddy Skin Co., you are truly supporting a small business and helping make dreams come true!

My love of Leather Culture comes from my days of bartending at a local LGBTQ establishment where I experienced my first Gear Night. The memories of witnessing the camaraderie and acceptance of the Leather community blended with the primal scent of men clad in Leather sipping their scotch inspired me to create this skincare line. I only utilize all-natural ingredients and personally use my own products every single day.

The LeatherDaddy signature oil blend was sensually developed to increase blood flow & induce euphoria. Utilizing powerful scents found in nature including; tantalizing hints of Leather, warm notes of Vanilla, and the seductive scent of Scotch. Combined with botanical ingredients to leave your skin feeling seductively hydrated and giving you the confidence you need to Dominate Your Day. 

I greatly appreciate your business and I’m here to make you feel as sexy as you smell.

Thank you,

Chris Wright-Garcia - CEO

Scrubtastix LLC.