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Pumpkin Spice TastyHole Flavored Body Scrubs

Pumpkin Spice TastyHole Flavored Body Scrubs

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Dive into the world of delectable skincare with *Pumpkin Spice TastyHole*, the globe's very first flavored body scrub! Why settle for the mundane when you can truly taste the essence of fall, right from your very skin?

Our unique blend is not just a feast for your skin, but also for your senses. Experience the revolutionary combination of anti-bacterial coconut oil, ultra-hydrating cactus wax, and coarse demerera sugar crystals, all working together to give you that coveted autumnal glow.

Ever heard of being a snack? With TastyHole, you're the whole pumpkin pie! So, let's get a little cheeky, darling. Sipping on pumpkin spice is delightful, but scrubbing with it? That's next level basic brilliance.

Elevate your 'basic' status this fall. When the leaves start to change, ensure your skin isn't just radiant but also irresistibly flavored. *Pumpkin Spice TastyHole* - for those ready to be the talk (and taste) of the season. 🍁🧡🥧

Made with Hydrating Coconut Oil, Organic Cane Sugar, Vegan Candelilla Wax, and the TastyHole Flavor Blend!


Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane) Extract (Demerara Sugar), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol (Humectant), Water, Fragrance.

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